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Start by navigating to the properties search page from the header.



You'll discover potential partner opportunities with filtered searches:

    1. The first filter will narrow the search by one or more properties types (baseball, nonprofit, music festival, etc.)
    2. The second filter will narrow by one or more specific sponsors industries (auto manufacturer, food & beverage, bank, etc.)  
    3. The third filter targets where the sponsor headquarters is located
    4. The fourth filter allows you to select the key markets for a sponsorship
    5. 'More filters' contains additional demographic filters like age, gender and income

    The first four filters can be applied by search (start typing a few letters in the drop down field) or scrolling through the list. All of the above filters can have multiple selections and are additive, helping you to narrow your search down from the thousands of opportunities.

    At any point you can click 'clear all' (6) and reset all filters.

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