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SponsorPitch Support
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When posting a pitch, you need to add a pitch deck. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when building your deck:

  1. Keep it brief, eye-catching
  2. What is your goal? A common goal is to peak a viewer's interest so that they want to learn more by emailing you or visiting your website
  3. Make it more "show" rather than "tell". Use images and infographics, and minimal text
  4. 4 - 12 unique slides
  5. Highlight your opportunity, your audience, and your team
  6. Specify how you'll create awareness, increase brand loyalty, and boost community & public relations for them
  7. Demonstrate that you understand who your audience is and what their values are. A good sponsorship authentically aligns a brands' and audience's values
  8. Share examples of previous partner successes if you have them
  9. Break down the estimated ROI for a new Sponsor. Use an example, statistics, case study, and/or quote. If you don't have this info for your opportunity, find comparable examples
  10. In most cases, we recommend avoiding showing sponsorship packages and pricing. However for smaller opportunities, it may make sense
  11. Share creative ideas for activation so they can see you'll work with them to make a custom offering. Have realistic valuations to the benefits and activation options ready in case you are asked
  12. Include your contact info


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