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SponsorPitch Support
SponsorPitch Support
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1) Register your property. This is the organization that's offering the opportunity (event, athlete, etc. - a.k.a. the thing being sponsored)

2) Post your pitch so that your opportunity is searchable and shows up in the feeds for agencies and brands

3) Review the sponsor recommendations SponsorPitch sent to your email inbox (available to Professional & Agency subscribers only)

4) Search for sponsors with filters to discover new potential partners

5) Create a target list of sponsors (usually around 15 - 50) by 'following' sponsors (selecting and filling in the blue heart symbol on their detail page, next to their name)

6) Gather detailed information about sponsors (perform your due diligence)

7) Unlock contacts from your target list of sponsors and their agencies

8) Perform due diligence on your contacts

9) Begin your outreach


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